The fastest way to open doors


  • Use the 4 billion cell phones in the world as key to your door
  • High security encryption
  • User-friendly, simple operation
  • Compatible with major e-lock brands
  • Solutions for new and existing locks

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The Mobile Key Business Case

  • Improving the guest experience / Freedom of choice
  • Operating cost reductions
  • More direct bookings @ better profit margin
  • Opportunity to improve cash flow
  • More direct bookings @ better profit margin
  • Build a strong, qualified and legal mobile database
  • Green

Benefits For Using Mobile Key

Save time

No check-in and check-out. Issue a key when the booking is made, automatically activated at check-in.

Save cost

Less front desk personnel needed or can do other more value creating tasks. No need to replace lost keys.

Increase revenue

Services attached to the mobile key will create additional revenue and increase guest satisfaction.

Managing access

Grant access to other areas like gyms, elevators, garage and conference.

Quality & security

Log of who is using what key when and where.

Pre & post stay

Interact with guest pre and post stay to drive loyalty and revenue.

An upgrading & not a replacement

  • To upgrade existing room locks
  • To upgrade wall mounted readers
  • To upgrade elevator readers
  • To upgrade parking readers
  • Upgrading takes about 10 mins:
    • No drilling
    • Does not affect the door fire rating

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Four technologies, one solution

  • A software solution with enabling hardware, not a technology
  • An upgrade, not a replacement
  • Multi-technology enabled
  • Development, R&D, and implementation leadership – obsolescence resistant